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A Revolution is Happening in Business & Sustainable Fashion in Asia

Is sustainable fashion in Asia a thing? Absolutely. And more and more businesses across a range of industries, like Indosole, are voluntarily choosing to apply for B-Corp certification - to meet the world’s most rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability - to spearhead the sustainable fashion movement in Asia.  According to the Harvard Business Review, “the B Corp movement [is] one of the most promising trends in business today. There are now over 2500 Certified B Corporations around the world from over 130 industries and 60 countries, representing over 150,000 workers and over $50B US in revenues.”

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Making Conscious Choices One Step at a Time

We love meeting inspirational #goodhumans that are helping to change habits, attitudes and the ethos by how we humans are living every day. There are many that we have met on our journey to bringing Indosole to Singapore but this team of eco-savvy girls has caught our attention on a few occasions and we are super glad to see them wearing their Indosole Slides!

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What if Waste Equals Dollars - Ideas and Insights into the Future of Waste Management

Kai Paul, Indosole’s Vice President was born and raised in Indonesia. As a young kid living in Jakarta, Kai got to experience what it is like growing up in a developing nation with a pollution problem. In 2017, Kai took the stage at TEDxJIS to share his passion for his home country of Indonesia and vision for the future of waste management and the emerging “Secondary Resource Market” aka “Modern Day Mining.”

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Social Entrepreneurship - Companies That Transform Communities

As evidenced by the rising tide of younger generation demanding changes to policies that govern the behavior of both enterprise and government towards our environment we can see a growing number of ‘social entrepreneurs’ disrupting, improving and shifting the future of business and in doing so, the future of our planet.

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