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From Flip Flops to Slip-Ons - 4 Shoe Companies Trying to Change the World

From the soles of our feet we can effect change in our world. We love that by just buying a pair of flip flops, you are helping to find solutions to one of our planet's biggest waste problems - used tires. There are 1.5 billion tires discarded every year globally and that's a lot of waste - in landfill, in our waterways, on roadsides and even in people's homes where, in Indonesia, 60% of waste tires are actually burned for the fuel that is contained within the tire itself. We love it when we're featured amongst other noteworthy brands like Tom's shoes, Common Ground and Solehope. Thanks to Care2 for featuring us. You can read the full article here:

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Footwear companies that are good for the planet and sole

We were humbled to be included in Kind Co's post on footwear companies that are good not just for the sole but also for the planet. Kind Co. honor mission-focused companies and people by facilitating awareness, creating opportunities for collaboration, and educating those who wish to empower our people and preserve our planet.

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Being a Sustainable Shoe Shopper in Singapore Is Possible : CNA Report

"About 22 million pairs of shoes are sold in Singapore yearly, according to a report by market research company Statista." But what can you do to be a more sustainable shoe shopper? From the moment you think about buying a new pair of slippers or sneakers, consider where it's made, what it's made from and the impact that production and your purchase will have on the greater environment. 

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