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Indosole Slides

We call them Slides. You might call them Slippers or Sandals. Either way, these are the ultimate slip-on/slip-off shoe for all occasions. 
We started our brand in 2009 as a pioneer in the ideals of conscious consumerism. We wanted sustainability and on-trend fashion to be on the same page and it was through this and months of development we created the ESSNTLS, a range that includes the most eco-nomical flip flop in the world, but also the Indo Slide.
Our quest to make the perfect and cleanest eco slides is now complete. We started by sourcing the best materials we could find—natural rubber and vegan uppers. Thoughtful ingredients combined with our signature recycled tire sole technology make the ESSNTLS Slide a winning combo.
Recycled tire soles | Contoured natural rubber footbed | Embedded arch support | Waterproof