Giving a fresh start to the "Lost Soles" of the sneaker industry

Some people see discarded sneaker soles and used tires as trash, but we see them as opportunities. Using a special process, we turn waste into footwear soles for slippers/flip flops 👣♻️⁠

As an international hub for sneaker manufacturing, millions of pairs of shoes are being produced monthly in Indonesia. With this rapid growth, there are 100's of thousands of defects which are being thrown away. Similar to tires, sneaker soles are made from strong and durable materials that are made so well that they will take a long time to break down. Material of this strength can take over 1,000 years to decompose!

In following our signature process of turning waste tires to footwear soles, we have developed our "Recycled Sneaker Technology." Each defective sneaker sole is pulverized into a powder and then reshaped and molded into a 60% recycled sole.