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Waterproof Flip Flops & Slides - Benefits of Indosole's ESSNTLS Range

Indosole Waterproof Cross Sandals Floating On Water
After spending a day at the beach where it had rained a few hours ago and your Indosole Flip Flops are all muddy, you heave a sigh of relief as you remember that your flip flops are waterproof and all it's gonna take is a quick rinse and voila! It's all clean and good to go again!

Not all flip flops are made equal, and not all are waterproof. When we designed the ESSNTLS range we wanted to ensure they were for all terrains, all travels and everyday use. 

Being Waterproof is just one of the "8 Reasons Why Indosole's Are Good For Your Feet and The Earth"

Waterproof - Benefits of Indosole

And especially crucial living in the tropics, we sometimes forget just how important a waterproof pair of flip flops or slides really is. With it being hot and sunny one minute, to pouring down the next, it's SO important to have comfortable footwear. Quick to dry, you can be sure you're not going to walk around in squeaky and squishy footwear all day.

Being waterproof means Indosole flip flops and slides are naturally anti-bacterial when they are allowed to completely dry. This is a quality that is trusted by hotel spas that also use Indosole as re-usable slippers. Check out Raffles Hotel Spa in Singapore who use the Granite Slides for their in-spa guests

And the biggest (and most obvious) benefit to having waterproof footwear is just pure comfort. You'll be ready for whatever the day (and mother nature!) throws at you!