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What exactly is B-Corp?

We've mentioned that we are certified B-Corp but what exactly does that mean and why are we so proud to be part of this group of businesses that includes Ben&Jerry's and Patagonia?

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THT Podcast #80 with Indosole Founder Kyle Parsons: Environmental Entrepreneur

If you haven't yet listened to a THT podcast then you're in for a treat. Shannon, THT host describes the show as... “An eclectic collection of weekly conversations with people who are brave enough to share their experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future” In this week's episode, Kyle joins Shannon live from his home in San Francisco to share his journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.

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Fashion Queen Mae Tan Shares Her Green Journey

New to the sustainability scene, fashion queen Mae Tan is out to prove that sustainability can be sexy and it shouldn't have to come down to giving up the things you love. She is all about easy to implement little green swaps that we can all get behind. 

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