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Comfortable House Slippers for Working From Home

Spending more time at home? Beware of walking on hard floors without shoes on for long periods of time. Our range of flip flops and slippers are designed with ergonomic arch support which makes them great for wearing indoors as house slippers to provide support on hard surfaces.

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8 Reasons Why Indosole's are Good for Your Feet and the Earth

With the world's changing views on fashion and consumerism, we are now turning more towards brands that are not just good for us, but also good for the Earth. Reducing our carbon footprint has now become a part of so many of our daily lives. Here at Indosole believe that when you put on a pair of our flip flops, you'll not only feel comfort, durability, style. But also an awareness every day that their choice to buy something that is responsibly made has a positive impact on both the environment, the people that produce the shoes and the global shift to conscious consumerism.

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