Embrace a Purpose-Driven Future: Exploring the Power of B Corps

Embrace a Purpose-Driven Future: Exploring the Power of B Corps

Ever wondered what it is like to work at a B Corp or have you been thinking you'd like your business or corporation to become a B Corp? Then this is the event for you.

Discover the B Corp movement, connect with industry leaders and explore collaboration opportunities through this interactive event!


In a climate that yearns for sustainable solutions and greater social responsibility, B Corps have emerged as beacons of hope, leading the charge towards a more equitable, environmentally-conscious, and ethical future.

Co-organised by B Lab Singapore, NUS Enterprise and Tingkats, we welcome those who are keen to explore the possibilities of working in B Corps or pursuing the B Corp for your own organizations, as a pivotal step towards unlocking a world of opportunities for positive change.

The event features:

  • A sharing on the B Corp movement and the B Corp certification by B Lab Singapore
  • Interactive small groups with certified B Corps, where participants can interact face-to-face with our sharing B Corps
  • Networking opportunities between participants and B Corps

From this event, you will be able to:

1. Discover the B Corp Journey: Learn about the principles, values, and certification process that define B Corps, and understand how these organizations differentiate themselves in the market.

2. Hear Inspiring Success Stories: Listen to real-life stories from successful B Corps and the positive change they have created, gaining insights into the potential and possibilities of purpose-driven business.

3. Connect with Industry Leaders: Engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and seasoned professionals who have firsthand experience working with B Corps and implementing sustainable practices.

4. Explore Collaboration Opportunities: Network with like-minded individuals and potential employers, uncovering potential career opportunities with B Corps and the ways you can contribute to their missions.

5. Envision Your Organization's Impact: For those representing existing organizations, discover how to align your company's values with B Corp principles and cultivate a more responsible and impactful business model.

We firmly believe that it is through collective action and shared vision that we can shape a future where business is a force for good. Whether you are an aspiring changemaker or a corporate leader seeking to drive positive change within your organization, this event promises to be an eye-opening and transformative experience.

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