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Fast Fashion: Here today and gone tomorrow. Sustainable Fashion: What do we really want the world to do?

Lastlayer + Indosole - Sustainable Fashion

Stand up & look around. Is your fashion responsible? Do you treat it as here today, gone tomorrow?

Introducing: A Movement Collaboration Piece by Indosole x Last Layer

Indosole and Last Layer join together to promote sustainable fashion production by breathing life back into an abandoned, post-apocalyptic swimming pool.

The idea that fashion is here today but gone tomorrow is one that too many of us have taken as the norm. But it is not normal. The clothes we buy and wear have an unbelievable amount of energy in them - both human and environmental - and using them for brief moments and letting them go is ignorant of the immense energy they hold from source to production to transport and into our wardrobes.

Australian choreographer and movement director Zoee Marsh celebrates activism and draws awareness to fast fashion flooding the Earth.

"The fast fashion industry, being the second largest polluter in the world, has a devastating impact on people and the environment at every level. From toxic chemicals dumped in rivers, factories full of mistreated workers, expendable clothing in our wardrobes, and yesterday’s trends in our landfills."

Indosole and Last Layer implement sustainable practices to promote ethical clothing production, by reducing landfill waste, recycling discarded materials, and encouraging conscious consumerism.



"When we flood the world with unsustainable fast fashion, this generation and the next generation will be the ones to face the drought, and this is what this piece of work reflects. In hope to inspire awareness of this ongoing issue to the upcoming generations, we must practice and educate for the future of our planet."

With the widely respected videography skills of Sean Higgins , the team brought this story to screen to acknowledge and honour those who are making a difference in environmental activism in the fashion industry. 


Clothing - Last Layer
Footwear - Indosole
Director & Choreographer - Zoee Marsh
Cinematographer - Sean Higgins
Editor - Shotography
Hair & Make up - Natalia Poposka
Stylist - Shaye Singline
Camera Assistant - Chris Barter
Music by - Marie Dahlstrom & Secania
BTS - Eve Gower
Production Assistant - Brittany Flask & Sarah Ambrose
Catering - Kristina Gartner

Jayden Wall
Melissa Pham
Lauren Drago
Bailey Glen
Tiggy Treloar
Tayla Gartner

Special Thanks
Kyla Bartholomeusz, Donnie Dimase, MAPA Australia & Not A Stitch Up Productions