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Social Entrepreneurship - Companies That Transform Communities

As evidenced by the rising tide of younger generation demanding changes to policies that govern behavior of both enterprise and government towards our environment we can see a growing number of ‘social entrepreneurs’ disrupting, improving and shifting the future of business and in doing so, the future of our planet.

Indosole is part of the next generation of organizations built on the idea of social entrepreneurship.

But many people wonder, what is ‘a social entrepreneur’? In an article published by Fortune, the idea of ‘social entrepreneurship is defined as:

“A social entrepreneur is a person who creates a profit and purpose-driven organization in which the business and social missions run in tandem. Our social mission, therefore, becomes a key component of our marketing, branding and success metrics.”

Indosole have a mission to save 1 million tires from landfill. This might seem like a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to the 1.5 billion (yes you heard that right, BILLION) tires that end up as waste EVERY YEAR, but it is by making a universal product such as the Flip Flop, that they think it can be done.

Indosole is a ‘Company that transform a community’

We have taken an idea of repurposing used tires that the local Indonesian people have been doing for years, and amplified it, taken it to the next level of production and distributed it to a wider, global community.  Through this work, Indosole brings dignified employment to the Indonesian community and we continually weave the story of that community into the story of our business.

And as Indosole are proving that this business model can work for both profit and people and the planet, then hopefully, other industries can see the same potential of used and waste tires and make more products that can be used every day by millions of people on the planet.

Read the original Fortune article here: