This World Cleanup Day, Get a FREE PecoBag with Any Purchase

This World Cleanup Day, Get a FREE PecoBag with Any Purchase

Get a free PecoBag worth $13.95 with your purchase on Indosole. Offer valid to first 30 customers only. Ends midnight 19 September.

On Saturday, 18th September, the time will come again: World Cleanup Day. At this largest worldwide cleanup event of the year, we will give the planet a big cleanup together with more than 180 countries.

Yumika Hoskin PecoBag Eco-Warrior Beach Clean Up

We're inspired by eco-warrior and Pecobag creator, Yumika Hoskin, using her very own Pecobags to pick up trash from a beach in Costa Rica (see her IG post here).

And it's World Clean Up Day this Saturday 18 September. The largest worldwide cleanup event of the year happening in more than 180 countries, including Singapore!

So... we are giving away a FREE PecoBag with every purchase until Sunday 19 September. LIMITED NUMBER - Available to the first 30 purchasers only. 

Simply Add a PecoBag to your cart, along with any pair of Indosole Shoes, and the automatic discount will be applied.

We want to help you clean up every day AND reduce your reliance on single-use plastic bags.

The PecoBag is super lightweight, easy to keep in your pocket or in your handbag and can hold up to 10kg in weight. If you use it to pick up trash, you can wash it in the machine when you get home.

Use PecoBag to Reduce Single Use Plastic and Clean Up

Pecobag resonates with us in so many ways. The heart and sole of Indosole is working towards finding solutions to the world's trash problems. 

In 2004, on his first trip to Indonesia, our founder Kyle Parsons flip flop broke. He wanted something truly unique to Bali and had a pair of authentic Balinese sandals made for himself with tires as the soles. As Kyle started to do some research, he realized the ever-growing trash problem and wanted to make a change. He came up with one solution to the problem: Using sandals as the new vehicle for this used tire material. Indosole was born.

The PecoBag mission and motto is: "Change a habit, change the world."

Like Indosole, PecoBag recognise the need for immediate action ​in order to repair the irreversible damages done to our precious ecosystems. The first step is introducing change conveniently. They mix trend, convenience, and sustainability all into one universal cheeky character.

The PecoBag can hold up to 10kg in weight. It is made from rip-resistant fabric from recycled PET bottles, so in itself, is helping to solve one of the big trash problems of our time.  

PecoBag to replace single-use plastic and clean up at the beach

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This World Clean Up Day, join in and make cleaning up trash and everyday act. 

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