THT Podcast #80 with Indosole Founder Kyle Parsons: Environmental Entr – Indosole Singapore

THT Podcast #80 with Indosole Founder Kyle Parsons: Environmental Entrepreneur

Kyle Parsons Indosole Sustainable Vegan Shoe Brand Founder

If you haven't yet listened to a THT podcast then you're in for a treat. Shannon, THT host describes the show as... “An eclectic collection of weekly conversations with people who are brave enough to share their experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future”

In this week's episode, Kyle joins Shannon live from his home in San Francisco to share his journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.

Kyle Parsons is a surfer, snowboarder, entrepreneur, and founder of the environmentally conscious footwear company Indosole.

After years of working in the Snowboarding and Action Sports industries, Kyle found a niche in the environmental footwear space and conceptualised what is now a world-wide distribution of the Indosole brand.

More importantly, Indosole is a brand that represents a subtle form of environmental activism, advocating for conscious consumerism, and conservation that sheds light on the vast opportunities that exist in a secondary resource market.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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