Being a Sustainable Shoe Shopper in Singapore Is Possible : CNA Report – Indosole Singapore

Being a Sustainable Shoe Shopper in Singapore Is Possible : CNA Report

A discarded sandal is seen washed-up from the Atlantic ocean on one of the beaches in Lagos, Nigeria. (File photo: STEFAN HEUNIS / AFP)

"About 22 million pairs of shoes are sold in Singapore yearly, according to a report by market research company Statista." But what can you do to be a more sustainable shoe shopper? From the moment you think about buying a new pair of slippers or sneakers, consider where it's made, what it's made from and the impact that production and your purchase will have on the greater environment. 

This CNA report on sustainable consumption in Singapore highlights just how much textile waste is created and what consumers can do to have a 'lighter footprint'.

But it also has some great tips for more sustainable consumption such as repairing shoes that still have a good life in them with products such as Sugru, a silicone-based "moldable glue".

The best advice they give, though, is "Buy shoes that are made to last" and "Wear eco-friendly materials" 

“By reducing waste and our consumption of materials and goods, we also avoid depleting the earth’s resources through wasteful habits. This will keep Singapore clean, conserve precious resources, and reduce the need for space-consuming landfills.”

Indosole are included in a list of brands that are doing just that - producing classic flip flops slippers and beach slides that are made using upcycled materials and are built to last - the recycled tire soles are some of the most durable you can find. 

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