ESSNTLS – Indosole Singapore

Meet the ESSNTLS

Introducing the world's most ECO-nomical Flip-Flop
Each color represents an element we aim to protect

Natural Rubber
Cruelty Free
Arch Support
Arch Support
All Terrain
Recycled Tire Soles
Made Responsibly


to protect the grounds and groundwater from oil leaching into them as happens when tires are burned


to protect the mountains from destructive mining practices


to protect our forests and the wildlife that live in them


to protect our Beautiful Oceans that we love to play in

Sea Salt

to protect the minerals and spices that Indonesia is known for


symbolic of the tire - to protect the clean air we breathe by finding a solution to the burning of tires that happens largely in Java, and also worldwide.

Natural rubber footbeds

Signature Repurposed Tire soles

Laser engraved Envro Fiber straps

Contoured footbed


11 colorways