How to Clean Flip Flops

A common question we are asked online or at events when someone is buying or consdiering our lighter colours, such as the Sea Salt White Flip Flops or Slides, is "how best to keep it looking fresh and clean?".

It's super easy! The majority of our ranges - ESSNTLS Flip Flops, Slides, and Cross sandals, and the Hijack sandals Adventurers are all 100% Waterproof so you can immerse them in water, scrub them and rinse them and the materials will not be effected or changed once dry.

We do recommend that you dry out of direct sunlight (so as to protect the natural rubber that is used in the soles). Each style may have different drying times depending on the straps used (i.e. Flip Flops will dry faster than the Slides and Cross which have a soft foam lining on the straps)

How to clean Flip Flops?

The Indosole Flip Flops are our signature style - it's what we are known for, and still to this day is our most popular. All you need to clean them is a cleaning brush, soap and water.

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We recommend the Bamboo Straw Girl natural 'no plastic' Natural Scrubbing Brush with Handle and All Natural Washing Block. But if you already have a brush and other soap at home, then use what you have (e.g. an old kitchen brush and household soap will also work)

Where to buy a cleaning brush and natural soap for cleaning your shoes? 

Look no further then Bamboo Straw Girl. Bamboo Straw Girl founder, Mel, has been an Indosole fan for years and it goes without saying that she knows sustainability in Singapore. Here's our favourite Natural Scrubbing Brush with Handle:

natural cleaning brush for cleaning flip flops

And the All Natural Washing Block

Natural Soap for cleaning Flip Flops

This soap is perfect for everyday use at home - to clean not just your shoes, but all clothing and textiles.

Here's an example of a flip flop that is half cleaned:

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Here are the links again:

All Natural Washing Block

Natural Scrubbing Brush with Handle