Indosole Womens Grey Flip Flops

Indosoles are no ordinary footwear - with soles made from upcycled tires and production practices that earned us the coveted title of bring a B - corporation.

That being said, like any other pair of footwear, Indosoles sometimes need to be worn into

It goes without saying that every foot is as unique as its owner, and depending on width and instep, some might feel tightness with first wear, and others might not at all.

Nevertheless, after a small wearing in process, the Indosoles will naturally mould itself around your unique foot shape in order to hug it in all the right places.

The New York Times bestowed Indosole with the honour of having the Best Flip Flops of 2021 in their recent beach gear and flip flops review, where they mentioned the short break-in period:

“Though the ESSNTLS sandals can feel a little stiff for some people, we’ve found that they break in well enough after a few outings.”


New York Times review of Flip Flops and Beach Gear


Regarding possible tightness and rubbing from our Enviro Fibre strap, this is completely normal in those first few wears for breaking-in purposes. Just like leather, it can feel stiff to begin with for some people, but in time, it softens and becomes supple.

Albeit being an unfamiliar material to the masses, we have chosen Enviro Fibre as the material for one of the fundamental components of our flip flops because of its enticing qualities. It lends itself to make our footwear completely waterproof, provides an unprecedented grip and it is produced with sustainability in mind. There is no water required in its production process and we only use natural dyes. With our B-Corp certification, you can be sure that there is no toxic run-off or excessive wastage as is often the case with so much fashion production. After meticulous research, Enviro Fibre ticked all our boxes and was our jackpot.

Therefore, once your Indosoles have had the opportunity to conform itself to keep your feet snug, a smooth-sailing experience is all that follows.

We have dozens of reviews from Indosole owners who gush about their happy feet to prove it.

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have been producing and selling the ESSNTLS Range for nearly 4 years now (over 250,000 in production) and are aware of many happy feet.

So if you do experience discomfort while wearing your Indosoles, please do persist. For some we suggest even wearing new footwear with socks to begin around the house to make the wear-in process more comfortable. 

That being said, we are more than happy to exchange or refund if you find they are simply not the shoe for you and have only been worn indoors and you still have the tag. For in the end, your comfort is our utmost priority as a brand.