Hat - Leaf Green with Embroidered Rainbow

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2 Other available colors:

  • Black with Embroidered Rainbow
  • Sea Salt with Embroidered Rainbow

After many requests, we finally have the Indosole Hats ready to ship to you. Made in Bali, with super lightweight material - they are quick drying, and lightweight for any of your adventures at home or abroad.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quick Drying
  • Clamping Buckle Closure with Hidden Strap 
  • Bendable visor for a custom fit

Clamping hat adjustment buckles provide the most secure rapid strap adjustment. The strap or hat band is gripped by clamping the material onto teeth. The strap isn't likely to tear even under strong pressure because this buckle grips the entire width of the strap.


Made using Recycled Materials

Each pair of Indosoles allows you to experience the future of sustainable fashion. Low in its carbon footprint while still high on functionality, these flip flops will be your go-to pair at home, while out on errands, and for your everyday adventures.