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All terrain Flip Flops & Slides - Benefits of Indosole's ESSNTLS Range

Indosole Leaf Green Slides
The very thing that makes Indosole so unique is the recycled tire sole that connects your shoe to the ground you walk on.
And like tires, the two redeeming features are grip and anti-slip.
Our tread is made to capture tiny grains of sand or dirt and actually provide even more traction to prevent you from slipping as you walk.
Recycled Tire Soles on Indosole Shoes
But the footbed (which your feet touches) has a unique grip as well. We know that if you're wearing flip flops or slides, the weather is probably hot and that means sweaty feet. This footbed grip helps to prevent your foot slipping in the shoe, creating more grip.
The entire Indosole ESSNTLS range is made for all terrains making it the perfect shoe for travel or everyday adventures.
Recycled tire sole flip flops and slides providing amazing grip
All-terrain footwear allows your foot to stay put while staying comfortable. With the increase support and stability, it'll prevent you from skidding out of control when stopping, especially crucial when it's raining. Read our waterproof blog for more benefits on that!
The greatest point of all terrain footwear is the level of grip they offer with it's high level of traction. 
We made Indosole's for everyday travel and adventures. Whether you're exploring the streets of a city, wandering along the beach, or going on a trail hike to connect with nature, your Indo's can take you there.