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Natural Rubber - Benefits of Indosole's ESSNTLS Range

Indosole Natural Rubber Women Wearing Slides and Flip Flops
When you put on a pair of Indosole's there's an immediate reaction to the comfort - the 'squishiness' that you feel under your feet. That is the layer of natural rubber between the recycled tire sole and the upper footbed.

Our rubber is responsibly grown and sourced in Indonesia, and along with the footbed, is dyed with natural dyes with no chemical and toxic run-off into our environment!

Unlike synthetic rubber, this natural alternative has a higher abrasion resistance. This will allow you to move around with complete ease. Natural rubber also provides absolute comfort and flexibility while not damaging our environment. Win-win in our books!

Considered to be self-reinforcing, footwear with natural rubber (EVERYTHING from our ESSNTLS range) also has a higher tear resistance. Your ESSNTLS flip flops aren't going to fall apart anytime soon! A high-performance fabric, you will feel the difference when you put on a pair.