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Recycled Tire Soles - Benefits of Indosole's ESSNTLS Range

Indosole Leaf Green Flip Flops In The Middle Of A Tyre
What makes Indos so great for the environment is the fact that we’ve taken waste tires that would otherwise be sitting in landfills and repurposed them into soles. A noticeable difference from the second you flip over any of our sandals.
“We didn’t invent the concept of using tires for soles, but we have made it a lot better” - founder Kyle Parsons.
Billions of waste tires are wrecking havoc on the environment. About 1.5 billion waste tires are generated every year worldwide and due to their structure, they will not decompose in our lifetime, or many more to come.
Sadly, most of these tires get stockpiled or dumped. And in many countries they are burned for cheap fuel which releases harmful chemicals into the environment. Waste tires also create hospitable environments for the Aedes mosquito which is the carrier of viruses like zika, dengue & yellow fever. So waste tires are pretty much bad for our health and well being.
Here at Indosole, we have taken those tires and problems and turned them into something a lot more practical. Good for you AND the environment.