Women Indosole flip flops in Sea Salt

Where to find the Best Flip Flops in Singapore?

Searching for the best flip flops in Singapore? Soles with the best grip. Natural rubber with arch support. 100% waterproof. All-terrain tread for sweaty or raining days so your foot won’t slip.

Womens Indosole Flip Flops in Sea Salt

You buy an ordinary pair of flip flops. While you are out and about on a beautiful, sunny day, you find yourself slipping and sliding on a wet pavement in the middle of a downpour. You tend to massage your sore feet the minute you get home. Sooner or later you notice the plugs start to wear down underneath, making them ever more slippery and before you know it, the plug blows out… and you are buying another ordinary pair of flip flops, and you live out the same scenes all over again.

Enter Indosole - the best flip flops ever made.

Having been made from waste tires, Indosole flip flops have unmatched grip. The soles of the slippers translates the same grip tires have on rained-upon expressways to your feet on slippery pathways.

In order to enhance this feature even further, our soles have patterned ridges designed to trap particles off the ground and provide extra friction on surfaces. No matter the landscape, despite unpredictable weather conditions, rest assured that your walk will be a breeze.

Not only is your safety taken care of, but wherever you set foot on, your feet will feel right at home, thanks to our flip flops having arch support and a natural rubber midsole.

The contoured foot beds offer welcome ergonomic support, keeping your feet snug and creating better stability when being worn.

It’s intentional design gracefully undertakes the responsibility of keeping your foot in place in all-terrain. Coupled with the layer of natural rubber between the recycled tire sole and the footbed, you will be engulfed in a blissful feeling of comfort.

To top it all off, Indosoles are completely waterproof! This entails that they can be thoroughly cleaned and dried, making them anti-bacterial, which is always a winner. This is a reason why Raffles Hotel Spa, Singapore (yes **THE** Raffles Hotel) chose Indosole slippers for their in-house spa guests to use whilst in the spa - allowing them to be completely cleaned, sanitised and ready for the next guest to use them with comfort and knowledge they are 100% fresh and clean.

Wearing Indosole slippers is a dream, and getting yourself a pair could not be easier.

You can buy flip flops online with super fast FREE delivery to your doorstep.

You can select from a wide variety of timeless colours, inspired by various elements of nature. You can get FREE SHIPPING on all Singapore & Malaysia orders with no minimum purchase too! FREE SHIPPING to Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar is also offered on all orders over SGD $100. For more info - click here.

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If you happen to need a pair of flip flops in the bustling streets of Orchard, you’re in luck. You can drop by NOMADX in Plaza Singapura or OUTSIDE STORE in Paragon to browse our collection of flip flops, slides like Men's Slides - Black and cross slides. Indosole flip flops are available in our stockists in other parts of the island as well, from Chinatown to Marina one, and even City Hall. Chances are you will be able to grab a delicious, consciously made snack while you’re at it! 

Indosole flip flops can be found in Malaysia (Unplug store) as well!

Finally, our coveted Indosole flip flops have a 1 year warranty. You've probably never heard of a warranty on a pair of flip flops, right? Indosole's slippers are the most durable pair of all-terrain, everyday sandals you can buy. Our 100% recycled tire soles mean you have the grip and durability of a tire beneath your feet. Plus, no plugs underneath to get worn down from. From the upper sole to the straps to the midsole and outer sole, we've designed for durability all the way.

You buy yourself a pair of Indosole flip flops. You are able to walk on treacherous, slippery grounds with confidence. Your lounge around your home with your Indosole slippers on for they’re so comfortable to be in. You are able to clean them properly and before you know it, they are as good as new. You never worry about having to get another pair of flip flops again.

End Scene.

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