Mens Black Flip Flops Indosole

Best Men's Waterproof Flip Flops for the Beach

In light of World Oceans day, we present to you the best beach flip flops - for you and for the oceans. Waterproof, All terrain, Non-pollutive.
Mens Black Flip Flops Indosole

‘The Indosole ESSNTLS Men's Flip Flops are the best we’ve found for quality, discreet looks, easy packability and responsible manufacturing from recycled materials.’

After in-depth research and testing dozens of flip flops, this is what The New York Times had to say about our revolutionary footwear, and why we are one of their top picks for the best beach and surf gear.

The reasons as to why Indosole flip flops will be your best beach buddy do not stop there.

Impervious materials make our slippers entirely waterproof. This not only ensures that your flip flops will not get in the way of your fun-filled day at the beach, but it also allows you to thoroughly clean them when the day is done. Before you know it, they are as good as new for the next beach day with your mates.

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The signature patterned grooving on the outer sole traps sand particles in the soles. This reinforces its remarkable grip, preventing any slippage - the grip of ordinary flip flops’ soles pale in comparison. No matter the intensity of your beach volleyball game or the ferocity of the water sport, you will have no reason to worry about your Indosole flip flops giving way.

Given that our flip flops have been tried and tested by the New York Times team around the beach, as well as hundreds of thousands of happy Indosole customers around the planet, getting them wet and scrambling over rocks and sand, it is safe to say that these are the best beach flip flops you will find.

The Indosole range was designed to represent the natural elements that we love to enjoy everyday. Protecting our beautiful oceans we love to play in is paramount in our journey to a sustainable future.

In addition to being nearly impossible to decompose, tires are a significant contributor to devastating natural landscapes, including our vast oceans. They are described as the heart of the planet by the United Nations, considering that every second breath comes from the oceans, yet ocean pollution is ever-rampant.

We intercept end-of-life tires from landfills, mechanic garages and gutters scattered across Indonesia. Our very own Sole Engineered Tire Technology (SETT) pulverises, resets and moulds these tires into soles for our flip flops. As a certified B-corporation, we adhere to the highest environmental and social standards. All of these efforts accrue to enable us to make a significant dent on resolving ocean pollution and preserving our majestic oceans.

The oceans are essential to our existence. A good pair of flip flops are essential to appreciate the ocean’s wonders up close, and to protect them from afar.

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