Indosole Men's Slides in Granite

Best Men's Slippers with Support

Some shoes are meant to be worn indoors, some shoes are meant to be worn outdoors. Slides are the handy pair of slippers that are the exception. Find out why Indosole slides can take you anywhere while providing you with ultimate comfort.

Indosole Men's Grey Sandals

Whether we are a fashion enthusiast or indifferent to what we don on, we tend to categorise our clothing into various sections - casual, fancy, work, vacation - and this system extends to include our footwear. The lines may blur into each other to some extent, but for the most part, a system always exists. Some shoes just cannot be worn outdoors, and other shoes just cannot be worn indoors, right?

Wrong. Slides are rewriting the rules, and will prove to be a game-changing addition to your shoe collection.

Slides have an incredible versatile quality about them which makes them such a must-have, especially being in a tropical, humid climate in Singapore. The immense desire to go everywhere in a pair of comfy flip flops is an all too familiar sentiment. Unfortunately, it is not a temptation we have the freedom to always give into, since there are some occasions that flip flops are just not appropriate for.

This is when Indosole men's slides are a god-send; they are stylish and sleek enough to effortlessly achieve a put together, professional look without compromising on exceptional comfort.


Indosole has the best men’s slippers for sweaty feet, and we owe it all to the impeccable design of Indosole Slides. To start, we pride ourselves on the meticulously moulded arch support. We earnestly endorse the fact that Indosole Slides will keep your feet snug - no matter where you find yourself.

Secondly, Slides exquisitely capture the essence of walking on a fluffy cloud, if you could. Indosole Slides feature a midsole made from unique natural rubber. Thanks to that, an experience of taking every step on squishy goodness is at the tip of your fingers, or in this case, your toes.

On top of that, they come in a range of colours which are timeless and they go with nearly anything - a tank top and beach shorts, a pantsuit, you name it.


So say goodbye to staring at your shoe cabinet, trying to decide what to wear for your nature hike, fishing trip, that quick grocery run or drinks night with your pals. Black Men's Slides are the exception that essentially suit your every need.