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Earth Day 2022 - It’s time for collective action NOW!

Burning tires causing toxic fumes to enter the atmosphere

Today, Friday the 22nd of March 2022, is a special day for everyone fighting the climate crisis and a call to single individuals, the economy and politicians worldwide to start making meaningful changes now.

This year’s Earth Day is being held under the theme of "Invest in our planet" and is centered all around standing together as a society to break down barriers created by the fuel industry and to strive for a new era, in which humans allow earth to heal from the inflicted damage of the past. Nature's recovery and preservation to allow for a prosperous future for humans and animals to thrive likewise is central.

Founded in 1970, Earth day is advocating for more consumer awareness about habits of consumption harmful to the environment. Since its beginning Earth Day managed to mobilize millions of people worldwide to participate in eco-friendly actions, like major beach cleanups. The high relevance of the global campaign is pushed even further by the participation of influential public personas, such as actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio, who is showing his support publicly, pushing politicians to take immediate action.

"We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly) and implement (equitably)"

Because Earth Day is about taking collective action now, we want to propose a question to you: What is your contribution going to be?

We realize that topics like these can appear overwhelming, because one just can’t figure out where to start and because a feeling of powerlessness might set in. But let us assure you: Even if every individual only makes a seemingly minor contribution, little things will add up and turn small actions into something that’s impactful on a big scale.

Here is a list of ten activities to participate in:

  1. Join a local cleanup event!
  2. No cleanup event nearby? No worries, just invite some friends and start your own private cleanup at a local beach, forest or even in a downtown public park!
  3. Plant a tree!
  4. Sign EARTHDAY.ORG's petition to hold the fast fashion industry accountable, here:
  5. Educate a friend or family member!
  6. Sit down and take time to analyze your consumption habits. Ask yourself,  can I change my habits to make a positive impact on this planet?
  7. Ban at least one single-use item from your household.
  8. Plant bee-friendly flowers in your garden or balcony.
  9. Let your money do the talking: Support businesses who are demanding a sustainable approach to production. Indosole strive to be one of the leading recycled material footwear producers in the world. Our Flip Flops and Sandals made from Recycled tires and recycled rubbers are pushing the boundaries on how to use trash as a new resource. 
  10. Be an online advocate and lead by example. Post about earth day and encourage others.

And if you're looking for even more ways to make a chance, check out the 52 actions on the Earth Day website.