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Where to Recycle Old Shoes in Singapore

Shoe Recycling Program Singapore

Your flip flops or shoes might be at the end of their use for you, but don't just throw in the trash. 

Every year hundreds of thousands of shoes are discarded in Singapore - either sent to landfill or incinerated releasing toxic fumes into the air.

You can give them a second life and prevent waste. 

ActiveSG Shoe Recycle Program

The ActiveSG shoe recycle program is a permanent shoe waste collection eco-system, part of a nationwide effort to recycle used sports shoes into new materials to build a more sustainable future for ourselves and Singapore.

Rubberized and elastomeric shoe waste is recycled into infrastructure materials for sports facilities such as running tracks, playgrounds and fitness corners; as well as potential materials fillers or gym mats and protection paddings. 

What type(s) of shoes are accepted for the collection drive?
All rubberised shoes including sports shoes, school shoes and football boots without metal studs are accepted. Rubberized slippers and sandals without metal parts may be accepted too

What condition(s) must my shoe be before I drop it off?
Shoes should be dry and generally clean when dropped off. We do not encourage the donation of soiled shoes to avoid contamination.

You can check out their full list of shoe recycling FAQs here or find drop off points for recycling old flip flops here.

If you're about to Donate Old Shoes in Singapore...

Then take a moment to think about how long they lasted you and if you can make more conscious decision with your shoe purchases so they last longer, preventing old shoes from becoming waste too soon.

Indosole Flip Flops, Slippers and Sandals are made to last. The recycled tire soles are so hard to break down - you can wear them for years without so much as rubbing the tread down. The midsole is made with natural rubber - giving you a cushioned comfort you just can't get from synthetic rubber, and the top sole is made with a recycled materials and a unique tread to ensure you don't slip out on those humid, raining days in Singapore.

To top it off, there are no plugs underneath - that traditional 'breaking point' on old style flip flop designs. We even give you a 12-month warranty because we guarantee they're not going to fall apart anytime soon. 

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Ultimate Guide To Recycling Shoes, Clothes, Textiles in Singapore

ActiveSG only takes shoes but you can recycle in many different ways in Singapore. Check out this comprehensive guide from the team at Zerrin for lots of options: https://zerrin.com/donate-recycle-clothes-singapore-ultimate-guide/