Indosole Feature in National Geographic Chasing the Sun documentary

National Geographic Chasing the Sun in Bali

Bali is the homeland of Indosole, and we were featured in National Geographic’s ‘Chasing the Sun’ documentary, in an episode all about the island of the Gods.

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“So, tires are a material that will never decompose. So theoretically, Charles Goodyear, the founder of tires, the first tire that he ever made is still out there somewhere.”

This is why Indosole exists - to be a creative solution against tire pollution.

After near on 12 years, Indosole is now a global brand with a far-reaching team and community, but it all started in the beautiful lands of Bali.

“There is a big trash problem in the world and there is a big trash problem here in Bali, and Indosole is really just one solution to the problem."

This is what our founder Kyle Parsons had to say about the origin of Indosole. Out of being so moved by the ingenuity of the Indonesian people and experiencing the communal love in Bali, Indosole was born. 

Quote - The National Geographic documentary ‘Chasing the Sun’ does a splendid job in capturing this very essence of Bali. 

The episode depicts the true beauties of Bali and exactly why so many people fell in love with it - its picturesque landscapes, electrifying atmosphere and the beautiful, welcoming people who live there.

It goes on to show how the infectious energy of community there tugged at the heartstrings of many individuals - inspiring them to start their own unique businesses there, including Indosole.

Here is what Kai Paul had to say about Indosole in the documentary.

“Today we really feel like we have developed something unique in the marketplace. Something that has the aspirational values of recycling, and doing good for the land and the planet that we live on; doing good for the community, as well as having a nice comfortable good looking pair of sandals, and extend that into all types of footwear.”

We are so incredibly grateful to have been heavily featured by National Geographic. For a near-magical experience of Bali, you can watch the full documentary episode here.