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Plastic Free Packaging in Singapore and How Sustainable Brands are Leading the Charge

Plastic Free July has really picked up steam, but plastic pollution is a problem all year round. Here are some changemakers in Singapore who are championing the eradication of single-use plastics throughout the year as well.
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Where to order flip flops and slides in Singapore with plastic free packaging 

Nature is gentle yet bold, subtle and majestic - it walks a tightrope between fragility and resilience. Despite being as perfect as it is, it certainly has a few achilles’ heels, a notable one being plastic.

Plastic unequivocally has a place in our world, and a significant one at that, but more often than not, we find it in many unwelcome places in very undesirable quantities. Singapore is no stranger to this problem.

Approximately 900 million kgs of plastic waste is discarded here every single year, with the recycling rate at a meagre 4%.

However, not all hope is lost. We are currently at the peak of Plastic Free July - A time of year when an ever-growing community is supporting and empowering each other in their respective journeys, it is an opportune time to ride the wave of cutting down our plastic consumption wherever and whenever we can.

Being custodians of nature at heart, Indosole does not only tackle tire pollution in our products, we tackle plastic waste in our glorious zero-waste packaging.

Your Indosoles are housed in a sturdy cardboard box with little non-plastic details- very simple and minimal. The unboxing experience could not be more delightful, exactly because of the relief you washes over you, that they will all return to nature well before your lifelong Indosole companions even come close.

Indosole Singapore Plastic free packaging

If you get your hands on a pair at one of our stockists, you can even carry it home in a Peco bag. It functions as a more sophisticated version of a plastic bag, and it is created out of regenerated textiles made of discarded plastic bottles.

It is an echo of how Indosole creates soles out of discarded tires. It is undoubtedly a clever and elegant solution to the plastic bag problem in Singapore - it is not only a perfect, convenient alternative to plastic bags, it also adopts a circular economy by sourcing discarded plastic bottles to manufacture them.

The Peco bag is the brainchild of Yumik Hoskin. She is many things - a TV host, model, actress - but deep down she is an eco activist. Unable to contain the snowballing frustration from witnessing people mindlessly using plastic bags, she was motivated to create a solution and uses her platform to educate people on how single-use plastics single-handedly harm our environment in a very significant way.

An equally admirable changemaker would be Zero Waste SG, a not-for-profit NGO with an aim to lead Singapore into becoming a zero waste nation. From educational forays like their workshops and their Zero Waste school to utilising research and reports to influence local policy making, they continue to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of a Zero Waste future here at our little red dot.

In 2017, their Bring your own (BYO) movement achieved a truly remarkable feat. Through inviting 430 retail outlets to offer incentives to customers who bring their own reusables, they reduced over 2.5 million pieces of plastic within the span of 4 months. One of our stockists, the Green Collective SG, is one of them too.

We absolutely love the work that Zero Waste SG does, and we also love the people who make up the organisation as well. For example, part of the marketing team at Zero Waste SG, who also happens to be the founder of Cloop SG, is Jasmine Tuan.

Her instagram feed is a riot of various activities she engages herself in and habits she has cultivated, as she posts snapshots depicting her journey being zero waste. Way too often, social media romanticizes the zero-waste lifestyle into an impossible pinterest aesthetic. Jasmine however, un-glamorises it with her unfiltered posts, making it seem less daunting and a more achievable lifestyle to adopt.

These are potentially the dying decades of our time, but this time is definitely the window where we can catalyse the ongoing plastic-free movement and create a revolution worthy of going down in history. So dig deep and join us; be part of the solution.

Join us in carrying the Plastic Free July momentum for the rest of our lives.