#wetreadlightly… 8 Ways Towards Living More Consciously in 2020

#wetreadlightly… 8 Ways Towards Living More Consciously in 2020

Our choices make our future. From reducing waste to eating consciously to planting more trees and shopping less, here are some of the things we at Indosole are inspired to do more of in 2020. 

Living more sustainably in 2020

Our choices make our future. From reducing waste to eating consciously to planting more trees and shopping less, here are some of the things we at Indosole are inspired to do more of in 2020.  

1. Move towards a more vegan lifestyle. Did you know that Indosole flip flops are vegan? We consciously use non-animal produts in the making of our shoes - this usually refers to the glues and binders that hold them together. Along with our slippers, we're spending more time on the AbillionVeg app for amazing recommendations all over the world of where to get good vegan and vegetarian meals and products. AbillionVeg is building a global community that catalyzes millions of people to do what’s right for their body, the animals and the planet.

Link: AbillionVeg 

2. Plant more trees. We know that planting more trees is actually a viable way to tackle climate change. 

We were inspired by Barney Swan when we met him at this year's conscious festival. He handed over a business card and it was his pledge to plant a tree. But on a bigger scale, his mission of reducing collective impact and traveling with the purpose of giving back more than we take in inspiring. We're following his travels and adventures on IG and hope to see him again soon. Check out his definitive guide to actions that make a difference:

Link: Carbon Footprint Challenge: https://barneyswan.com/cf-challenge/

3. Reduce Waste even more! One of our core values that influenced Indosole from the beginning is reducing waste in beautiful Indonesia, Bali in particular. We've saved over 80,000 tires from landfill and all of our production processes are monitored for keeping waste to an absolute minimum. 

On a local front, and something that affects us all, we're proud to see the team at Seven Clean Seas making a huge impact on removing waste from our oceans. In 2020 their goals are to branch out to a worldwide beach cleaning program. With over 3800 volunteers and over 50 000kg of ocean plastic recovered so far, we think they're a force to be reckoned with.  No doubt you'll find us at one of their cleanups in 2020! 

Link: Help clean Singapore beaches with Seven Clean Seas

4. Create More Fair Employment & encourage others to do the same. Another core value of ours is fair employment and we want to see more of this happening in the fashion industry in 2020. We are a certified B Corporation brand and we encourage all consumers to make conscious choices of where they spend their money because it has such a huge impact on how every person in that supply chain is treated. B-Corp brands balance purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers and the environment. Indosole is proud to be certified B Corporation. We provide fair employment to the Indonesian artisans who produce our shoes, and we're headquartered in San Francisco and Bali.

Link: How a B-Corp can make a difference to Fair Wages in Fashion

5. Experience more and buy less. Always on our experience list is to listen to more live music! We listened to @joietan and @thisisinch at the 2019 Conscious Festival and want to hear more of this great local music. The Garden Beats is next on our agenda - one of Singapore's amazing festivals that are making huge efforts to be plastic-free and more sustainable in many ways. 

Link: Garden Beats Festival Singapore 2020

6. If we're gonna buy new clothes, swap first... Fashion Revolution is in its 5th year in Singapore and we'll be right behind @rayepadit and his S-Word podcast co-host, @laurafrancois_ as we champion #fashionforgood not only in our own production but in our consumption too.

Ray is also the founder of The Fashion Pulpit which believes in keeping everyone chic without hurting the planet. We can't wait to see what these two have in store for 2020 - check out their Podcast and help make fashion better. 

Link: Swap in Style and Save the Planet at The Fashion Pulpit

7. Educate our next generation. We've recently released Kids Flip Flops!

We know that Kids are our Future and we're on a journey to help parents raise eco-conscious kids and teaching them how to make their own responsible decisions.

And here's a little sneak peek at our new Kids slides and new pollen colour coming later in 2020!

Link: Follow us on IG to know when our new range for Kids is released in 2020. Check out the Indosole kids flip flops range here

8. Help More People Shift to Conscious Consumption. Environmentalism isn’t for the elite. We’ve taken the universal appeal of the flip flop and made it easy on the environment, without the usual cost prohibitions. We want to help people make the seamless shift towards conscious consumption, whilst at the same time, shape the shopping patterns of future generations.

Link: Learn more about sustainable fashion with Green Is the New Black

Those are just some of our goals for the coming year. We believe that every small change makes a big difference. What changes will you be making in 2020?