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How the Universal Flip Flop is Helping to Create Solutions to one the World's Biggest Waste Problems

Indosole's creative director Chris Pappas sat down in beautiful Canngu and shared the philosophies behind the brand.  

"If there's a problem, then who's coming up with an idea or solution to that problem?"

One of the biggest problems in the world is trash and tyres are a big part of that problem. "Indosole is a solutions company". By coming up with one solution to a major problem, we are trying in our own way to minimise waste. 

Indosole started out in 2009 cutting soles of shoes from recycled tires but we had waste ourselves from the offcuts and simply did not have an economical solution to using it. Fast forward 10 years and we now have our very own Sole Engineered Tire Technology which where we have found a way to grind tires into a powder and then turn that powder into the soles.

Flip Flops that not only look good and feel good, but they also do good too.

With so many from being made from natural rubber to being waterproof, we've also managed to come up with a product that doesn't look sustainable but looks great while being durable and comfortable.

Compared to when we first started, conscious shopping is only now becoming a thing that more and more people are moving towards and Indosole is proud to be able to fit into this movement. 

Get inspired by Chris.

Watch his video here.