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Comfortable House Slippers for Working From Home


House Slippers with Arch Support

Spending more time at home? Beware of walking on hard floors without shoes on for long periods of time. We all underestimate the impact hard surfaces can have on our feet. Although we are not accustomed to it, our feet are most at ease when on naturally-occuring textures such as sand and soil.

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Unforgiving textures such as hardwood or tile floors, being the complete opposite, can take a huge toll on our feet in the long run.

home slippers with arch support
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Indoor house slipper review

Invest in a good pair of house slippers - Indosole Slides are the ultimate comfort shoe for indoors. Hardwearing recycled tire soles, all-natural rubber mid-sole with arch support and a contoured fit providing an ergonomic comforting shape. 

House Slides for Men and Women with natural rubber midsole

The in-built arch support in every pair of Indosoles hugs your feet in all the right places, emulating how natural grounds accommodate to the contours of your feet. Unlike typical flip flops, Indosole slippers provide proper support for the collapsing arch when you walk, offering unparalleled relief to your feet in doing so.

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Coupled with these remarkable footbeds are our natural rubber midsoles. Its characteristic cushioning effect brings the ergonomic build of Indosole flip flops to the next level.

Comfortable home slippers with support

Finally, our upcycled tire soles do not only bestow you with unprecedented grip, they also are guaranteed to leave your floors mark-free. Being chosen by Singapore Raffles Hotel Spa for use on their marble floors is a testament to that.

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Our range of flip flops and slippers all come with ergonomic arch support which makes them great for wearing indoors as house slippers to provide support on hard surfaces.