Indosole Slides - the Perfect Everyday Vegan Shoes for Women & Men

Indosole Slides - the Perfect Everyday Vegan Shoes for Women & Men

Vegan Flip Flops. Yes you heard it right - but have you actually wondered what makes vegan shoes vegan at all? From food to fashion, from the impossibly-delicious Impossible Burgers which are literally popping up on menus everywhere, to vegan-leather bags and belts, you need to get on board with what makes vegan fashion rock.
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Vegan Inspiration for Life

Amidst the lockdowns and challenging times, people have come to realise just how dire environmental issues are, and why crucial it is to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. This has become the paradigm of a subsequent mass adoption of sustainable practises, including veganism.

However, successfully pulling off such a lifestyle transformation is not an easy feat for many of us. Moreover, in our preoccupation over trying out new recipes and experimenting with unfamiliar plant-based ingredients, we end up overlooking the other aspects of our lives which animal-products dominate. Animal-derived materials can be found in our apparel and cosmetics as well. Even if these only use animal by-products, such commodities can continue to create demand for animal farming.

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If we want to effectively use our dollar votes to reduce demand and avoid the adverse consequences they lead to, a careful look into the other things we purchase is due.

Fortunately for you, Indosole footwear is completely vegan.

Check out our feature in the Green is the new Black article Walk Your Way to an Animal Friendly Closet with These Vegan Shoe Brands, to hear what they say.

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Our ESSNTLS Slides have a strap made from Enviro Fibre. It’s a fabric that we painstakingly sought out as it wears and feels like leather. As an added bonus, Enviro fibre uses significantly less water and dye compared to the typical materials used in manufacturing.

Traditionally, animal glues are used as a binding agent for a wide variety of products, from book-binding to making musical instruments. Animal glue can be made from gelatin, made by boiling animal tissues. Indosole slippers do not contain any such glues, as we use naturally-derived, non animal-based glues instead.

Rest assured, Indosole flip flops and sandals are made free of any animal ingredients or by-products.

The animal agriculture industry drives deforestation at a colossal scale, which happens to be one of the primary contributors of the climate crisis. Like the saying goes, “We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." 

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It applies to Veganism too - you don’t have to go 100% vegan but incorporating more vegan-friendly choices into your diet and lifestyle in small steps is a win-win for you, the environment and the animals we share our world with.

Indosole is proud to be empowering you in your vegan journey - take your first step towards a more sustainable life with our vegan slippers.


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