Indosole - The Perfect House Slippers

Indosole - The Perfect House Slippers

Working from home, we unknowingly put our foot in an unfavourable environment - walking on hard floors all day without shoes and protection. Provide cushioning, arch support and comfort for your feet with a high quality slipper - an Indosole slipper.

Find your perfect house slippers at Indosole

As we fall into a routine of self-quarantine and working from home, we find ourselves spending most days wandering around on our hard floors without any cushioning or support for our feet - something many feet are not used to if we usually spend days in an office.

WFH also means more spare time and the well-deserved opportunity to pay more attention to ourselves, from reinventing our skincare routines to fixing our sleeping schedules. Something we may overlook, though, is taking care of our feet, especially in a hard-surfaced environment that is our homes.

The flooring of our homes, apart from the occasional rug or two, prove to be a terrible surface for our feet to stand or walk on.

Although we are not accustomed to it, our feet are most at ease when on naturally-occuring textures such as sand and soil. Unforgiving textures such as hardwood or tile floors, being the complete opposite, can take a huge toll on our feet in the long run.

For the benefit of our feet, investing in a pair of house slippers is a wise route to take. Here is why Indosole has the perfect pair of house slippers you will find.

Every Indosole product is 3-tiered - consisting of a contoured footbed, a natural rubber midsole and an upcycled tire sole.

Together, they add up to a slipper that is more than the sum of its parts.

The in-built arch support in every pair of Indosoles hugs your feet in all the right places, emulating how natural grounds accommodate to the contours of your feet. Unlike typical flip flops, Indosole slippers provide proper support for the collapsing arch when you walk, offering unparalleled relief to your feet in doing so.

Coupled with these remarkable footbeds are our natural rubber midsoles. Its characteristic cushioning effect brings the ergonomic build of Indosole flip flops to the next level.

Finally, our upcycled tire soles do not only bestow you with unprecedented grip, they also are guaranteed to leave your floors mark-free. Being chosen by Singapore Raffles Hotel Spa for use on their marble floors is a testament to that.

It also does not hurt that you look that much more presentable as you put your feet up in your zoom call or get your delivery from the front door. You actually look good - and the fact that it is so effortless makes you look better.

A pair of Indosoles equips you for the journey of life, whether it takes you outdoors or indoors. Bring yourself closer to a smooth sailing work-from-home experience by getting yourself the perfect pair of house slippers.