Your Go To Guide to Sustainable Fashion in Singapore - Zerrin & Susannah Jaffer

Your Go To Guide to Sustainable Fashion in Singapore - Zerrin & Susannah Jaffer

Pair your Indosole slippers with a consciously created outfit, with the team from Zerrin! Zerrin has become the go-to website for guiding you towards sustainable fashion in Singapore. They’re guides don’t just unpack everything about sustainable and ethical fashion but they make it less complicated and easy to make those conscious fashion changes.
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Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fashion in Singapore

From pumping toxic dyes into pristine water bodies to hazardous working conditions in factories, it is undeniable that the fast fashion is incredibly damaging not just to our environment, but also to our society. Being increasingly aware of these horrors in the industry, we become determined to generate an impetus for change through our consumer decisions.

It all starts by rethinking our shopping habits and making better consumer choices.

However, this is when things get tricky. When it comes to finding environmentally and socially responsible apparel companies to support, we quickly find ourselves in a deep end. Ensuring that the brands hold themselves accountable to the highest standards in every single aspect - in materials and production methods and even down to packaging, is hardly an easy feat. Filtering out the devious greenwashing strategies employed to bait an audience like ourselves is another battle altogether.

Fortunately, Zerrin has compiled a comprehensive list for exploring sustainable fashion in Singapore. The editor’s picks cover the spectrum - dresses from Lily and Lou, jewelry from Scéona and our very own sandals and slippers. Here is what Zerrin has to say about Indosole’s reimagined footwear :-

A certified B Corp, Indosole repurposes rubber tyres into shoes. They source their tyres from landfills, mechanic garages, and gutters from Indonesia. So far, they have saved 100,000 tyres from landfills! Since they’re made of tyres, their flip flops and slides similarly feature grip and durability.

Zerrin has made it their mission to empower consumers to make better choices. They do so by championing local and responsible brands in the little red dot. They firmly believe that being a conscious consumer should not have such a draining and time-consuming process, so that is precisely what they tackle.

Dressing more mindfully should not be complicated or confusing. We curate vetted sustainable brands and resources so you can cultivate a wardrobe that’s better for the planet.

If you are looking for the ultimate guide to a mindful yet trouble-free shopping experience, you are in good hands. Check out the full blog from ZERRIN here:

Shop the editor’s picks for Indosole here:

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