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How B-Corps are changing the way you shop

Indosole B Corp Month 2021

Happy B Corp Month! March marks a time to recognise and celebrate the Certified B Corporations who are all working toward changing the way we approach making, producing, and selling the things you want in the most earth friendly way.

Essentially, with your help, we can entirely reinvent the way we look at fashion, amongst so many other product and service industries.

Being a B Corp business means Indosole is constantly striving to meet the highest standard of sustainable production and performance, bringing you the most comfortable, long lasting and environmentally friendly product (in our case, shoe!).

This certification is only given to those companies which meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability, accountability and transparency.

Indosole, alongside another 3,500 other certified corporations, are redefining consumption; working toward an inclusive and sustainable economy.

B-Corp certification on a product or service means you can trust the efforts that brand is investing into being the best for the whole planet, saving you time on researching the most sustainable and responsible options for you. 

At Indosole, we are always diving deeper into how we make your shoes, innovating new technologies to reduce as much waste in our production as we can. Your kicks are made of 40% recycled Indonesian tires, 30% natural rubber and 30% other materials that strengthen the integrity of your soles. You can be certain that these shoes are going to last a long long time.

Business is the most powerful force humans have ever created. It’s been the source of both enormous peace and prosperity, as well as massive social and environmental disruption.

The earth isn't our only focus at Indosole, but also on those who make them. We work closely with our entire manufacturing supply chain to ensure transparency and responsibility in every aspect. We also are committed to strengthening the  communities we work with, while providing a safe, equitable and, fair workplace for all. Transparency is key when it comes to the B Corps, we show you each step your shoes take before you step in them.

This month is all for supporting the B Corps, on both a large international, and small local scale.

Learn where you can shop more sustainably in Singapore at the B Corps website, and continue to our website to find your next favourite ethically and responsibly made flip flops.

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