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Raffles Hotel Spa Taking Sustainable Steps by Offering Spa Guests' Indosole Slides

The brand-new Raffles Spa situated in the iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore is not just a holistic sanctuary of indulgence. It aims to provide comfort and luxury on every level, right down to the soles of your feet. Whilst they enjoy their spa experience, guests are now treated to wearing a pair of Indosole slippers during their treatment stay.  We are excited to be working with such an iconic brand as Raffles Hotel and supporting them in their sustainable goals. By choosing locally-made products from South East Asia together we are ensuring a lighter carbon footprint as well.

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The ESSNTLS Flip Flops & Slides Elements Colour Collection

When we released our ESSNTLS range of flip flops in 2017, we wanted our new colours to represent the natural elements that we love to enjoy everyday. Our inspiration comes from Indonesia and looking at what we love also shows us some of the problems we all face that urge us to work with our communities to find solutions. The pollution problem that faces the country of Indonesia is one that fascinates us on all levels. This issue affects the health of humans, animals, and earth but also within our supply chain. As we dug deeper into our business we discovered just how toxic the manufacturing industry in Asia is and how we can help. Overall, the harms of humankind can...

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Business For Good: Indosole Feature in Forbes Magazine

Earlier this month @forbes featured us in their article about mission-based business’s that view financial success as a way to foster change and create good in the world. Amongst great company of some of our favourite brands @patagonia, @soloeyewear and @terracycle. Forbes highlights Indosole as a Social Enterprise that has social, planet and people based mission in their DNA.Read more in our full Press post here:

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Fast Fashion: Here today and gone tomorrow. Sustainable Fashion: What do we really want the world to do?

Stand up & look around. Is your fashion responsible? Do you treat it as here today, gone tomorrow? Introducing: A Movement Collaboration Piece by Indosole x Last Layer Indosole and Last Layer join together to promote sustainable fashion production by breathing life back into an abandoned, post-apocalyptic swimming pool. The idea that fashion is here today but gone tomorrow is one that too many of us have taken as the norm. But it is not normal. The clothes we buy and wear have an unbelievable amount of energy in them - both human and environmental - and using them for brief moments and letting them go is ignorant of the immense energy they hold from source to production to transport and...

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