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How Indosole Went From Social Entrepreneur Start Up to a Global Brand Doing Good

Forbes recently featured Indosole among a slew of other brands that are changing the way the world can do business for good. Every time you wear your flip flops or slides from Indosole, you know every step is a conscious choice by you, but also by the business to do better for the world around us. In his article, "Social Entrepreneurs, Create A Startup Then Do Good Like These Four Companies", author Bernhard Schroeder describes social entrepreneurship as "...the growing realm of mission-driven business enterprises that view financial success as a way to create more and better good." Their business model is structured around providing or supporting products or services that address social or environmental needs. Indosole was featured as an example of...

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Indosole Flip Flops Chosen as Disrupter Eco-Footwear Brand for REI

Founded in 1938 REI is one of America's largest outdoor department stores - giving outdoor enthusiasts in the US everything they need to enjoy themselves outdoors. REI is at the forefront of not just realizing more and more of their customers are looking for eco and sustainable products, but they're actioning it by seeking out brands that can fulfill that need and impact shopper's personal mission to become more conscious in every aspect of life. 

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Footwear companies that are good for the planet and sole

We were humbled to be included in Kind Co's post on footwear companies that are good not just for the sole but also for the planet. Kind Co. honor mission-focused companies and people by facilitating awareness, creating opportunities for collaboration, and educating those who wish to empower our people and preserve our planet.

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